HunAgroCamion Kft.

2051 Biatorbágy, Budai út 2.
Tel: +36 23 804 277
Fax: +36 23 804 276



Our Company, HunAgroCamion Ltd. has been established in August 2008 for grain transportation purposes.
Our main goal is to transport bulk grain on high quality level and competitive price from Hungary mainly to Italy.
Thanks to our contracted consigners, we are able to offer loads in every season of the year, even in summer, so called dead season to our own and subcontracted vehicles.


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Main activities

Due to the fact that we stand in contractual relation with several wholesalers we are able to offer loads to hauliers always at a competitive price adapted to actual situation on market, but we also guarantee continuous cooperation in long term contracts.
For our loads we need mainly vehicles with 13,6 m long semitrailers equiped with  special covering canvas for grain transportation, but some times we need self-unload equipment (kipper, walking floor) 
Making benefit from the increased offer possibilities, the success of past year inspires us to expand the circle of subcontractors directly, instead of involving other forwarders which in few steps causes reduction of prices, our goal is to supply loads directly to hauliers.

For sub-contractors


For expansion of our capacity we are continuously searching subcontractors  - see details here

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